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Alumni Hostel

    The DOUS Alumni Building is a joint-project of the DMMMSU Open University System and the DMMMSU Open University System Alumni Association. The DOUS Hostel in particular aims to house alumni who may be needing a place to stay while on seminar/training or work-related activities. This is one way of reconnecting and building linkage with our alumni. This hostel is your second home, consider it as your own, thus take care of the facilities and maintain cleanliness. Welcome to the DOUS Alumni Hostel! Dumanun kayo Apo!

DOUS Alumni Hostel Policies and Guidelines

  1. Rental Fee

    1. DMMMSU alumni – Php 250.00

    2. Non-DMMMSU graduate – Php 350.00

    3. DMMMSU student – Php 250.00 (present your ID card upon payment)

  2. Check-in/Check-out time. DOUS Alumni Hostel Management follows the 24-hour policy. Please always log-in and log-out at the guard house for security purposes.

  3. Facilities

    1. Room A (can accommodate 4 persons, with electric fans)

    2. Room B (can accommodate 4 persons, with electric fans)

    3. Beddings

    4. Pillows

  4. Please observe the 10:00pm curfew. This is not to curtail your freedom, but we are after your safety and protection. Once you leave the vicinity of DOUS compound, DOUS is not liable for whatever might happen to you.

  5. Smoking and drinking alcohol, likewise use of illegal drugs are strictly prohibited inside the vicinity of DOUS.

  6. Guests/Visitors are not allowed inside the hostel.

  7. DOUS Alumni Hostel maintains decency in its occupants. Male and female transients are not allowed to stay in the same room, except for children or a family.

  8. Maintain noise levels. Avoid involving in activities that would disturb quality of rest of other occupants in the hostel. These include but are not limited to loud talking or shouting and loud music.

  9. Pets are not allowed inside the DOUS hostel.

  10. The use of high-consumption electric appliances, such as: microwave, electric hot plates, electric heaters, electric rice cookers, etc. are prohibited. Be conscious about fire prevention. Creating private electric extensions or access lines are not allowed. The indoor storage of flammable and explosive materials and hazardous chemicals is strictly prohibited. If any violations result in leakage, fires, or any major accidents, the transient is required to compensate for all damages and losses done.

  11. Damaging or altering any rooms, common areas, or public facilities is strictly prohibited. Violators are required to pay the compensation for repairs.

  12. Maintain cleanliness and tidiness inside the rooms and common areas. Do not store personal belongings in the hallways, stairways, and public areas of the building. Do not litter within the premises of the hostel or vandalize any walls or building surfaces. Trash or debris may not be thrown outside any window.

  13. DOUS Alumni Hostel Management reserves the right not to accept transient who may have questionable character (under the influence of liquor/drugs).


  1. You may inquire from Mary Jane Lardizabal (OIC BAO).

  2. Pay fees at the Accounting Office.

  3. Present receipt at the guard house for log-in/log-out time.

  4. Present receipt to the caretaker, Joy San Buenaventura.

By: DOUS Alumni Hostel Management