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Finally, the DOUS guidance and counseling unit has psychological test materials of its own to benefit students, faculty and non-teaching personnel. The psych tests are personality test and intelligence test purchased from the guidance fees collected which started 2014 to 2016.

What do the two tests measure? The intelligence test measures the cognitive or mental ability of a person. It identifies the IQ level of an individual. The personality test, on the other hand, measures the personality traits of a person namely trustfulness, distrustfulness, dyscontrol, control, timidity, depression, aggression, and gregariousness.

What are the benefits of psych tests?

    1. As a self-awareness instrument
      As a diagnosing tool for possible difficulty and disorder
      As an assessment tool for mental ability, aptitude, interest, personality, and achievement which can be utilized for guidance, counseling and therapy
      As a screening instrument for employment
      As an evaluation tool for promotion, demotion and transfer.

Who is the right person to score, administer and interpret it? A registered and licensed psychometrician, guidance counselor and psychologist only. Who can avail of it? All students of DOUS, faculty and non-teaching personnel. DOUS linkages can also benefit from it.

Is my privacy guarded as to the result of my test if I chose to undergo psychological testing? Yes, your privacy is safely guarded in the hands of qualified personnel (licensed/ registered). The law of confidentiality of results will be implemented. Proper briefing and structuring will be done before you take the test. It is your right to ask for the interpretation and a copy of your test result. Take advantage of this service. Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Use your potential to your advantage.