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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSA) is a program designed for students, teachers, researchers, extension workers, agricultural technicians and office workers who wish to gain knowledge and skills in agriculture.

Goal:To prepare horticulturists equipped with knowledge, skills, and values to serve the needs of the region for countryside development.


General Objective

Specific Objectives
  • Provide the graduates with adequate knowledge and skills on the cultural and post harvest practices of horticultural crops.

  • Generate and disseminate scientific information on horticultural crop production.

  • Engage in horticultural crop production.


A student enrolled in the program will be given a learning package (Modules) to read and to work on. He/she can choose any of the three modes of learning.

  • Group Paced Learning. Students follow a fixed class schedule at least once to twice a month on Saturdays to meet their tutors for discussion, seminars, symposia, and/or conferences to enrich their learning experience. Students are expected to submit written assignments, and sit in supervised examinations at the University.

  • Self-Paced or Individualized. A student is provided with his/her own tutor and a class schedule. Modules, independent researches and other instructional materials are laid down by the tutors who help the student enhance his/her knowledge, skills and attitudes. The student is required to visit the University as scheduled.

  • Online Learning. A student is provided with his/her own tutor online and a class schedule. Tutors utilize an open source learning management system (LMS) as virtual classroom and other communication tools available today. The student may process his/her requirements and exams via online.